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The art gallery Michael Reid at Murrurundi strives to showcase the best in contemporary Australian and Aboriginal art. Over the last five years the gallery has exhibited solo exhibitions from Adam Cullen; Noel McKenna; Brian Robertson; Lucy Vader; Deborah Williams; Jasper Knight; Chris Langlois; Robert Jacks; Sally Gabori; David Bromley; Adam Lester; Crispin Akerman- to name but a few

In some respects the gallery began life in the style of a Kevin Costner movie–build it and they will come. Michael Reid at Murrurundi has quite literally risen out of the ruins of an early 1840s convict barracks. Bobadil House and the early barracks (now Michael Reid at Murrurundi) were built between 1840 and 1842 from locally quarried sandstone for the A.A. Company surveyor Henry Dangar. Originally named the White Swan Inn, later known as the Woolpack Inn and then as the Mountain View Inn, my wife's great-great grandfather purchased the property in the 1870s and renamed it Bobadil. Family lore has it that the barracks, reconfigured as horse stables some time in the late 19th century, were hit by lightning in 1948. The fragmented walls that remained were taken to the ground, the foundations re-dug, the stone cleaned and reassembled. The roof has been re-built from a design taken from early 20th century photographs of the stables and internally the sandstone flagstones have been re-laid.

Situated in the thoroughbred, vineyard and coal-belt of the Upper Hunter Valley, in the small but significant town of Murrurundi, the gallery is an accessible drive from Moree, Armidale, Tamworth, Scone and Newcastle.

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Getting there—
Murrurundi is a small, early Colonial town of about 1000 people situated 330km north of Sydney (four hours drive) on the New England Highway and 45km north of Scone at the very crown of the Upper Hunter Valley. At the foot of the Liverpool Ranges, mountains loom impressively overhead.

Postal details—
P.O. Box 72
NSW 2338

Gallery Hours—
11am to 5pm Friday till Sunday

+61 2 6546 6767

Boyd Street, Murrurundi, The Upper Hunter, NSW 2338 Australia